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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our New Incubator

The Incubator we are getting ia a Brinsea Octagon 10. The info below is from Th Brinsea Website.

Octagon 10 - more information / technical notes


Small, reliable, easy to use - Careful design and the use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques has enabled this tiny high quality incubator to be available at a very reasonable price.

The combination of 'Omnitherm™' heating, advanced temperature control and high quality construction results in a reliable and extremely easy to use incubator.
The Omnitherm principle ensures that the eggs are gently warmed by the printed element which encircles the egg chamber and results in stable, even temperature throughout the enclosure without the need for a fan.
Different egg sizes, including goose eggs, can be accommodated by adjusting the width of the egg channel with the dividers provided. The eggs are accessed by drawing out the egg tray from one end.
The smaller the incubator, the harder it is to keep the temperature steady. Brinsea's proven Omnitherm™ heating technology is the solution, providing all round heating and visibility at the
same time.
Egg turning is achieved, as with all models in the Octagon range, by rotating the whole cabinet. This feature means that manual turning is easy and does not involve opening the enclosure or touching the eggs. Automatic turning is an option with the separate Autoturn cradle which turns the incubator once per hour. The external turning system keeps all moving parts outside the incubator away from moisture and dust leaving the enclosure easier to clean. The incubator easily lifts clear of the cradle allowing it to stand level for hatching.

The advanced, proportional electronic temperature control is similar to that used across the Brinsea range and is the result of many years of refinement. The temperature is set on a twenty turn adjuster using a small screwdriver from outside the incubator. An indicator light displays the status of the temperature control.

Humidity is provided by two water trays accessible by partially withdrawing the egg tray.
A high quality incubation thermometer, individually calibrated on the glass for accuracy, is provided with each incubator.

Egg Capacity (Approx.)

Quail 24
Pheasant 12
Hen 10
Duck 8
Goose 3

Physical Data

Incubator only 13.50" x 6" x 6" high
340 x 150 x150 mm high
With cradle 16" x 6.25 x 9" high
405 x 165 x 230 mm
Incubator 2.4 lb (1.1 Kg)
Autoturn cradle 2.0 lb (0.9 Kg)
Power Consumption:
(maximum) 25 Watts
Power Consumption:
(typical) 12 Watts
Electricity supply 115v 60Hz or 230v 50Hz
as ordered

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Paul said...

Glad to hear you bought a Brinsea. We have 2 Oct20's and a Oct40

Happy hatching :)